Veterinary Virtual Care Association memberships now available


With telehealth now part of the veterinary care landscape, VVCA offers community, camaraderie, and counsel for individuals who are ready to embrace the future.

Launched less than a year ago with the goal of make making virtual care part of the standard of care in veterinary medicine, the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA)announced this week that it is open for membership.

“Telemedicine is here to stay—for us personally in our own health, and for the health of our pets,” says VVCA Executive Director Ali McIntyre. “Consumer demand won’t let us go backward at this point.”

The nonprofit VVCA is dedicated to developing best practices for delivering virtual veterinary care, defining quality standards and protocols for practicing virtual care, sharing experiences among practice teams, engaging with virtual care providers, and advocating for policies in support of quality virtual care and expanded access to care. Membership offers a community where professionals can connect, learn, and grow to catapult forward into the future of virtual care delivery.

“Community is how we are able to advance, community is how we are able to innovate and we are just on the cusp of this forward-looking trajectory,” McIntyre says. “Advances inside a profession are not created in silos.”

Membership is open to all students, veterinarians, practices, allied organizations, and technology providers. Membership includes a small fee that is easily offset by discounts through other professional associations and sponsors. To learn more about VVCA, click here. Click here to join.

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