Veterinary secrets spotted at CVC Virginia Beach


Despite highs and lows, you chose a career in veterinary medicine. And here's a group of people who know exactly what you're going through.

We all know a career in veterinary medicine in filled with high highs and, yes, some low lows. But no matter what, it's always better when you have an opportunity to voice your thoughts and secrets with a giant group of people who unequivocally get what you're going through. If you couldn't make it to CVC Virginia Beach, here are some of the secrets spotted in the Vet Confessionals Project exhibit.

"I love being a vet so much it hurts sometimes. But still, it's going to kill me. It's already cost me my credit, my husband and most of my sanity. If I could have a do-over, I wouldn't do it again."



"I probably would have quit practicing if I hadn't gotten into therapy last year-if you need help, get help! Much happier vet now."


"Sometimes I feel like a way better vet than a mom or a wife."


"I found my voice speaking for those who can't speak for themselves."


"$537,064.77. [<2% undergrad, ~38% grad school, ~65% vet school.] This is my current balance of my student loans as of May 20, 2017. I regret going to vet school."


"Had a client 'visit' her euthanized cat for each day of the week! It's always fun to thaw a cat six times!" [Note cat popsicle drawing.]

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