Veterinary receptionists' vital role in emergency medicine


This specialist says the front desk is the first point of triage when critical cases come in the door.

There may be those veterinary clinics where each staff member sticks strictly to her or his role, siloed in focus and function. But the way Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Maria Evola, DVM, MPH, DACVR, sees it, the more interested eyes on the prize, the better.

In fact, she says front desk staff members who take the initiative to learn a bit about telltale clinical signs can be incredibly important to clients and their pets.

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"When you have those emergency patients come in and you have really distraught owners, people who are good with people are so important," she says, "But also [receptionists] who are aware of what needs to be brought to the back right away versus what can wait."

Dr. Evola says every additional informed perspective between the front door and the doctor can make a difference in triage that may ultimately have an important impact on an emergency patient's care.

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