Veterinary products for post-surgical comfort


4 veterinary products that offer more comfort + no biting, no licking, and no pulling out your stitches

Cover Me. This protective garment is a comfortable

alternative to an E-collar that offers an adjustable fit and a built in potty cover. (Thank heaven.) The garment is made of durable Peruvian cotton and comes in, count them, seven sizes.

The comfy cone. This soft collar for dogs and cats conforms to doorways and

other openings, completely ruining the humor of the situation. Removable stays offer more structure when needed. The collar direction can be reversed for shoulder or back injuries or for IV lines.

EZ soft. This soft, tear resistant collar is machine

washable and maintains its shape. The collar features a cinch-tight toggle for easy sizing and a Lycra neckline for comfort.

BiteNOT collar. This collar restricts dogs access to

post-surgical wounds yet allows the mobility for critical needs like eating, drinking and lying down. A removable chest strap adjusts mobility, depending on the pet's needs.

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Wound care

Patient warming and cooling


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