Veterinary hospital celebrates its leap year patients


In recognition of 2024’s extra day, Schwarzman Animal Medical Center spotlights its patients born on February 29

The Schwarzman Animal Medical Center (AMC), the only Level 1 Trauma Center in New York City and the largest veterinary teaching hospital, is celebrating its previous patients born on Leap Year. The patients they are recognizing have received treatment from minor injuries to live-saving operations and breeds ranging from an English bulldog who needed soft pallet surgery to a Standard Poodle who swallowed a sock.

The first patient AMC is highlighting is Orzo Angello, a ‘Desert Goth’ black pug is celebrating his 12th (3rd leap year birthday) today. Orzo, who loves to eat socks, had to be rushed to the AMC emergency unit where he was immediately rushed to the operating room because he swallowed a sock that got stuck in his intestines.1 Orzo was released a few days after his surgery but according to owners, he has not learned his lesson to stop eating socks. This year, his family will celebrate his 3rd birthday by making him a special apple, yogurt, and salmon cake as well as putting all his favorites on his Lickmat.

Oskar Price, aka “Munchie,” an English bulldog celebrating his 8th birthday.

Oskar Price, aka “Munchie,” an English bulldog celebrating his 8th birthday.

Oskar Price, also known as Munchie, is an English bulldog who is turning 8-years-old this leap year. In 2018,1 Oskar first came to AMC for a life-saving special soft pallet surgery which has held strong ever since. He was back in AMC this summer for a pericardial surgery due a tumor on his art that was unremovable and made it through with ‘flying colors.’ Oskar is now on daily chemotherapy pills and is playing with his siblings like usual. His family plans to celebrate today with toys, his special cake hat, and weather permitting, a barbecue on the beach with burgers and presents.

Winter McKirdy, a cream-colored Standard Poodle, is celebrating his first true birthday this year. Winter was part of a Leap Day Litter of 9 puppies and his mother was also adopted by his current owner Laura. In the summer of 2023, Winter was at AMC after swallowing a sock where he had to have a gastronomy and gastropexy.1 Winter recovered well and Laura is grateful for the team at AMC for saving his life. Winter will celebrate his birthday by bringing treats to his agile classmates and be king for the day.

Gunner Snyder, who will be 8 years old this year, is the last leap year baby AMC is highlighting this Leap Year. Gunner was brought to AMC after his owner was worried about his bloating and he choked from eating too fast. AMC conducted a test to make sure everything was alright, and he was found to be doing fine. Gunner will celebrate his birthday with a hamburger with sweet potato kibble and a little dollop of whipped cream on the top.1


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