Veterinary Heroes™ 2022 winner: Donna Raditic, DVM, CVA, DACVIM (Nutrition)

dvm360dvm360 August 2022
Volume 53
Issue 8
Kansas City

Get to know our nutrition winner for the 2022 Veterinary Heroes™ Awards

Donna Raditic, DVM, CVA, DACVIM (Nutrition), winner of the 2022 Veterinary HeroesTM program's Nutrition category, sponsored by Blue Buffalo Natural, graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986, and once in the veterinary world, she realized she wanted to help answer clients’ burning questions surrounding nutrition by specializing in this area and coupling it with integrative medicine.

Raditic is currently a nutrition consultant who also speaks at conferences, contributes to journal articles, and is a cofounder and board member of the non-for-profit, Companion Animal Nutrition and Wellness Institute. With a career spanning over 20 years, from general practitioner to veterinary nutritionist to professor to medical director to consultant, she has been on a mission to educate veterinarians and pet parents on the ins and outs of pet nutrition and how foundational it is to medicine and science.

Raditic expressed her appreciation for winning a Veterinary Heroes™ award: “[I want to give a] big thank you to all the people, all my teachers, all my mentors who helped me, all my friends who endure me because I’m not easy...all my clients who keep pushing me and have supported me. I think all of us have this incredible professional journey we’re on...because we’re not alone. We have a lot of people [who] have gotten us here and keep us going forward.”

“It’s important we remember all those who have touched us. And the way life goes on and [the way] we go forward with life, to me, is we touch each other, right? Anybody I mentor [or] a pet parent I speak to, when we keep doing that in a positive way...then we’re all heroes, aren’t we? We’re all heroes,” she said.

Watch Donna Raditic herself speak on the value of nutrition in this video interview from the Veterinary Heroes™ gala at Fetch Kansas City.

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