Veterinary digital marketing: Know who you are, be who you are


Expert advice on being successful simply by being yourself.

The term "digital marketing" is a vast and amorphous one. Everywhere you look you're being sold something via sizzle reel, social media, digital signage.

But does it have to be so complicated?

Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bill Schroeder says no. In fact, he says, the key to doing it the right way is pretty simple: Be yourself.

"Realize the message that sets you apart from others in the space, and then create consistent posts that continue to support that personal or that practice brand," he says.

Get into your online image

Do you know your competition? Google 'veterinarians near me'.

Where do you go for social media inspiration?

Worried about your veterinary practice's online reputation? Manage it.

Schroeder points to Dr. Sue Ettinger as someone who does this well.

"Look how she leverages video" he says, "She utilizes it to share her message in a way that's easy to digest, and then she will transfer you over to other mediums like her blog."

Watch this video for more.

You. Can. Do. This!

At Fetch dvm360 conference, we're the support system you need. With every conference this year, we intend to nurture your mind (meaning quality CE for days) while also encouraging you to take stock of your physical and emotional health. Register now.


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