Veterinary client handout: Keep cats indoors


Print this PDF to educate your veterinary clients on the dangers of outdoor living for domestic housecats.

There are lots of reasons for pet cats to stay indoors: Unkind neighbors. Diseases. Wild animals. Cars. I've gathered those reasons and more for a client handout your veterinary hospital can share to explain the dangers of letting cats roam free. If somebody really wants a cat to get some outside time, there are always catios.

Click here or on the image below to pop up a downloadable PDF of this handout.

Dr. Jenifer Chatfield is staff veterinarian at 4J Conservation Center, an instructor for FEMA/DHS courses and a regional commander for the National Disaster Medicine System Team. She has also chaired the Florida Veterinary Medical Association's (FVMA) One Health Committee and co-chaired FVMA's Disaster Response Committee.

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