Veterinary app gets revolutionary updates


Vetpocket features calculators, reference cards, digital notebook, and more for veterinary professionals and students

Photo courtesy of Vetpocket.

Photo courtesy of Vetpocket.

Vetpocket, a digital resource app for veterinary professionals and students, announced in a company release,1 the launch of a new update: Vetpocket 2.1. Vetpocket aims to redefine what support from a veterinary app looks like with this new update. The company hopes to make high-quality and effective digital tools readily available to the veterinary community, at an affordable and accessible price point.

The app was founded in 2018 by Danelia de Kock, DVM, Jackson Hines, and Kevin Bedard. There are now over 45,000 global users and it is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. “From day one we envisaged a platform that would genuinely benefit the veterinary community. Today, as we unveil this significant update, we’re closer than ever to realizing that dream," said de Kock in the release.1

"We were amazed by the positive feedback and the genuine excitement about our platform. But we also took notes on where we can improve," Kevin Bedard said in the release.1

The Vetpocket app features 11 different types of calculators including:2

  • Constant Rate Infusion
  • Blood Gas (new with the 2.1 update)
  • Energy Requirements
  • Solutions (C1V1 = C2V2)
  • Maintenance + Dehydration IV Fluid Rate
  • General Anesthesia IV Fluid Rate (new with the 2.1 update)
  • Drip Rate
  • Chocolate Toxicity (new with the 2.1 update)
  • Dextrose (new with the 2.1 update)
  • Unit Conversion (new with the 2.1 update)
  • Basic Calculator (with a custom raise to 0.75 button)

The app also includes a notebook with a personal collection of medical notes, research, and references cards from Dr de Kock. There is a drug dosage calculation with over 100 pre-filled, handpicked drugs categorized into 13 groups for veterinary medicine.1

De Kock stated, "Our mission with Vetpocket was always clear; to simplify the lives of our peers. This latest update embodies that mission, combining my personal experiences in the field with the technological expertise of our development team, to create the best veterinary app on the market."1

Vetpocket offers a free basic version for all users, or an accessible auto-renewing monthly subscription at $6.99/month, allowing users to access their entire suite of tools and a vast content library.


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