This veterinarian welcomes impostor syndrome?


Dr. Dave Nicol says it forces you to grow.

Impostor syndrome-you know, that nagging voice telling you you don't know what you're doing or that you have no business doing it-is normally viewed in a negative light. But no one ever accused Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Dave Nicol, BVMS, MRCVS, of having normal views. What does he say?

"High five. You tried."

That's not the standard soul crushing epiphany that makes you question your entire career choice. Instead, Dr. Nicol simply reframes this concept into a positive one that's necessary in the course of your career. "It's just you working out that you need to learn more," he says.

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And he embraces the sensation, feeling forward movement in tackling things he doesn't have a handle on. "I want to feel impostor syndrome, because it means I'm learning, it means I'm doing something new, it means I'm progressing," Dr. Nicol says.

He adds that in the veterinary field you need to be able to bounce back from your bad vibes. And while resiliency is one thing, you need something else to actually grow.

"What you need is tenacity to work out how to do it differently next time," Dr. Nicol says.

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