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USDA honors National Pollinator Week


Recognizes week through continued commitment and support for pollinator health and research

R. Gino Santa Maria / stock.adobe.com

R. Gino Santa Maria / stock.adobe.com

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is recognizing National Pollinator Week from June 19, 2023 to June 25, 2023. According to a news release,1 pollinator species, (eg, bees, other insects, birds, and bats) significantly contribute to the production of over 100 US crops grown. Alone, honeybee pollination adds more than $18 billion in value to agricultural crops each year.

“Our world's ecosystem and food supply greatly rely on pollinators – without them, many of our nation's crops wouldn't be able to produce as many fruits, nuts or vegetables resulting in lower supplies and higher prices,” said agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack, in the release.1 “This week and every week, it is critically important that we continue to encourage the protection of pollinators and their habitats. Fewer pollinators harm both farm income and nutrition security for many Americans. Healthy pollinator populations are essential to the continued success and well-being of agricultural producers, rural America and the entire US economy.”

USDA understands the key role pollinators play in agriculture and supports pollinator health through research, data collection, diagnostic services, monitoring, pollinator habitat improvement programs and pollinator health investments.1 USDA will release the “2023 Annual Strategic Pollinator Priorities Report” later in 2023 reviewing USDA pollinator research and programmatic priorities, that highlight managed and wild pollinators. Outlining pollinator research priorities and practices allows USDA, partners, and communities to make educated decisions when supporting pollinator health in the agricultural systems, ecosystems, and economies reliant on pollinators.

USDA recently released a 3-year Science and Research Strategy,2 which outlined how to transform the US food system and support farmers, ranchers, producers, and foresters in the nation with a focus on pollinator health research, education, and extension priorities. This year’s Annual Strategic Pollinator Priorities Report reflects input from Tribal and Hispanic/Latino community members and complements the USDA Science and Research Strategy.1 The organization is dedicated to ensure scientific research priorities are in line with the diverse communities it serves.

In honor of National Pollinator Week, USDA will host a pollinator exhibits exposition on Friday, June 23, 2023 (no rain date scheduled), from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm EDT on the Jaime L. Whitten lawn, on Jefferson Drive, SW between 14th and 12th Street, SW (next to the Smithsonian Metro Station) in Washington, DC, in conjunction with USDA’s Farmers Market.1 The event empowers the public to become informed on pollinator health and the impacts these creatures have on feeding the world.


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