Ultrasound system for veterinary imaging


Esaote North America has launched the MyLabFOX

Esaote Group specializes in developing medical imaging systems including ultrasound and MRI machines and other healthcare technology. Subdivision, Esaote North America has just launched a new ultrasound system for veterinary practices. The new MyLabFOX is designed with a multi-faceted and adaptable scanning solution.1 The company also released a new MRI machine earlier this year.

The new MyLabFOX by Esaote North America. (Image courtesy of Esaote)

The new MyLabFOX by Esaote North America. (Image courtesy of Esaote)

The MyLabFOX includes the following design elements1:

  • Easy-to-clean interface. The MyLabFOX features a state-of-the-art touch interface, designed to enhance usability by enabling intuitive gesture interaction and making cleaning effortless. The easily cleanable designed was made specifically with busy veterinary practices in mind.
  • Precision. The ultrasound system is equipped with a new generation of probes covering a wide range of clinical applications, from abdominal exploration to cardiology examinations, delivering exceptional image quality and diagnostic accuracy.
  • Adaptable.There is a wide 13" touchscreen, customizable probe setup, and battery support for uninterrupted scanning.
  • Boosted workflow. Optimization tools such as “Easy Mode & Easy Color” and “AI-powered Augmented Insight,” the MyLabFOX enhances productivity and diagnostic efficiency. There are also more advanced features like “AutoEF and XStrain” technology to streamline the examination process, providing quick and accurate results.
  • Reliable connection. The MyLabFOX is part of a larger digital ecosystem, allowing for seamless data management and connectivity. Veterinary professionals can review exams offline with MyLab Desk VET or collaborate with experts in real-time using MyLab Share.

For more information on the MyLabFOX or other technology from Esaote, the imaging company offers live webinars and in-person events to help support veterinary professionals with their diagnostic equipment.


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