Tweets and Facebook posts for clients on ear disease

September 27, 2016

Use these informational social media posts to educate veterinary clients on otitis externa and other ear-related diseases.

“Otitis whatnow?”

They get the itchy ears, but the jargon can be a bit much. So communicating with clients on social media can be hard. Here are a few examples of factoids you could turn into posts for pet owners on Facebook or Twitter (and a downloadable copy of them here).

Just copy the type, log into Facebook or Twitter, and paste the type into the status field. You can also find helpful handouts to give to clients on this and other dermatological infections here

FB post: Have you heard? Things like scratching the ear, a bad odor, redness or swelling around the ears, crusts or scabs on the inside of the outer ear, hair loss, head shaking, or (ick!) a brown, yellow or bloody discharge could signify ear disease in your favorite dog. If you think your furry friend is suffering from ear problems, come see us ASAP!

Tweet: Bad odors or colorful discharge could mean ear disease in your pup. Come see us ASAP! #pethealth #vetmed

FB post: Did you know? Rubbing your dog's ears releases pain-killing endorphins that your pup just can't get enough of. But if your dog suddenly shows signs of pain during an ear rub, have us check it out to see what's wrong.

Tweet: Rubbing your dog's ears releases pain-killing endorphins. If your dog is pained during ear rubs, let us see what's wrong. #pethealth #vetmed

FB post: Long-eared dogs like spaniels and retrievers as well as dogs with hairy external canals like terriers and poodles are more susceptible to ear infections. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't affect dogs (and cats!) of any age and breed. If you suspect something's wrong, bring them in for a look.

Tweet: Myth: Ear disease only affects certain breeds. Ear disease and infection can affect dogs (and cats!) of any age and breed. #pethealth

FB post: Otitis, or inflammation of the ear, can be caused by many things: ear mites, bacterial or yeast infections, a foreign object or mass within the ear, allergies or medical conditions that allow infection to develop. Think your pet is suffering from ear problems? Let us check.

Tweet: Otitis, or inflammation of the ear, is caused by many things. If you think your #pet is suffering, let us check out those ears. #pethealth