Tuesday laugh: Offer handy (tongue-in-cheek) veterinary advice to horse buyers


Equine veterinarians, learn to decipher the hidden words of the horse-for-sale ad.

Analyzing blood work, checking the gait, and getting physical with the examination help you evaluate the fitness of a horse. But you can really impress clients with an almost psychic ability to judge horses from the words in a horse-for-sale ad. (Your mileage may vary, as this is mostly meant to be humorous.)

Horse-for-sale ad vocabulary

"Event prospect"

Big fast horse

"Dressage prospect" Big slow horse "Hack prospect" Pretty color "Sporting prospect" Short fast horse "Camp prospect" Fast horse that can turn "Endurance prospect" Fast horse that will turn sometimes "Flashy" White socks "Attractive" Bay "To loving home" Expensive "To show home only" Very expensive "Needs experienced rider"

Potentially lethal

"Elegant" Thin "In good condition" Foundered "Free-moving" Bolts "Loves children" Kicks and bites "Pony type" Small and hairy "Arab type" Looks startled "Thoroughbred type" Looks terrified "Warmblood type" Big and hairy "Draft type" Big and exceedingly hairy "Easy to catch" Very old "All offers considered" I'm in traction for six months


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