Trupanion announces its Veterinary Appreciation Day Award winners


Four winners were chosen out of thousands of nominations



In 2015, Trupanion announced it had established June 18 as Veterinary Appreciation Day in recognition and celebration of the veterinary community for all their hard work and impact they have on the lives of the patients and clients they treat. To celebrate this year, Trupanion shared the 4 winners of its first Veterinary Appreciation Day Awards.

"Veterinarians and veterinary professionals commit themselves to helping our pets day in and day out," said Margi Tooth, Trupanion’s president, in an organizational release.1 "We are beyond pleased to see just how many people took time out of their days to share appreciation for these professionals. The overwhelming show of support reaffirms the importance of creating this platform to help bring recognition to these often-unsung heroes in our pet’s lives. To find four top choices in a sea of amazing nominees was no easy feat, and we’re proud to celebrate and recognize our winners as well as all our very worthy nominees."

According to the release, Trupanion had received thousands of nominations for veterinarians and support staff with nearly 45,000 votes casted by the public.1 The award was designed to honor any extraordinary efforts veterinary professionals made across North America. The two awards, Veterinarian of the Year and Veterinary Professional of the Year, acknowledge and showcase their hard work, spread awareness of the multitude of roles that make up the profession, and highlight the impact teams have not only on pets, but their communities as well.

The winners are the following:

  • 2024 Veterinarian of the Year, United States: Astrid Kramer, DVM, from Leo’s Pet Care in Carmel, Indiana
  • 2024 Veterinary Professional of the Year, United States: Samantha Kaiser, veterinary assistant, from Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital in South Staten Island, New York
  • 2024 Veterinarian of the Year, Canada: Lesley Steele, DVM, from Steele Veterinary Group in Atlantic Canada
  • 2024 Veterinary Professional of the Year, Canada: Carla Olsen, client care specialist

"Few professions embody as much compassion, empathy, and dedication as veterinary medicine." expressed Steve Weinrauch, BVMS, MRCVS, Trupanion’s chief veterinary and product officer.1 "At Trupanion we celebrate the veterinary community every day, and through Veterinary Appreciation Day we provide a way for those outside Trupanion to also share their thanks for those who work tirelessly to keep their pets healthy. On behalf of Trupanion, I commend these four winners for their dedication and achievements."

Trupanion encourages the public to visit its Veterinary Appreciation Day website to see the nominees and their stories.


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