TruDigital GE LogiqBook Ultrasound


Sound Technologies and GE Medical Systems introduce the new TruDigital GE LogiqBook Ultrasound.

Sound Technologies and GE Medical Systems introduce the new TruDigital GE LogiqBook Ultrasound. The TruDigital GE LogiqBook Ultrasound is the first veterinary ultrasound to deliver TruDigital color-flow Doppler, 3-D imaging, anatomic M-mode, TruDigital Workflow and TruDigital Work-product technologies, the companies say. Using this advanced new technology platform, LogiqBook captures dynamic video clips, archives patient data, stores patient reports, produces 3-D views, creates M-modes, generates on-board reports and performs real-time optimizations on stored images. Weighing under 11 pounds, it is notable that LogiqBook performs at a level beyond systems 50 times its size; 350 frames of multi-speed digital cine loop, wireless networkability, battery operation for in-clinic mobility, raw DICOM conformance, included CD burner archival, and a full-size display screen are just some of the numerous advantages, the company says.With LogiqBooks TruDigital Workflow, the time required to successfully diagnose patients with ultrasound is reduced by half. Organs are swept with the ultrasound probe, while the real-time clips are permanently stored in LogiqBooks 20GB hard drive. In this illustration, eight to 10 real-time clips have replaced the arduous task associated with the standard 50 still, thermal printed images required on the older style ultrasounds.With the TruDigital data sets in place, the animal and handler are free to go. At this point, TruDigital Work-product delivers the final rendering, enhancement, analysis, comparison and client reporting onto the included CD burner or ink-jet full-page printer. Annotation, gain, depth, 3-D rendering, anatomic M-mode, sweep speed, baseline, measurements are controlled post exam. The result is a more accurate result, combined with a more professional report presentation, the company says.

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