Trending: Veterinary imaging and telemedicine

April 18, 2018
Rachel Pollard, DVM, PhD, DACVR

Unprecedented access to specialists is just one great use of this emerging service.

Telemedicine is a resource that is becoming more prevalent in the veterinary field-and rightly so, according to Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Rachel Pollard, DVM, PhD, DACVR. The ability to get cases into the hands of those best suited to make a diagnosis is a clear plus for patients, she says. And she notes that the specialty of radiology is one that benefits greatly from remote consultation.

Telemedicine talk

Commentary: Telemedicine is in DVMs' hands.

Telemedicine and nutrition: Dial a diet recommendation.

Borrowing advancements from human medicine.

Dr. Pollard has a tip for those sending imaging cases to specialists: Fill in the background data yourself.

"A pertinent history can help a radiologist prioritize differentials for you in a much more useful way, and that's going to give you the best patient care," she says.

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