Toxic confessions

January 11, 2017

Veterinary professionals share their toxic team secrets.

We combed the Vet Confessionals Project files for toxic work environments. It didn't take long to find the following examples. Any of these sound familiar?

“Sometimes I feel like I could stab my boss, but just in the leg. I love my job!”

“I work with an older tech who basically runs the place. I disagree with everything she does. She has some health problems. I can't wait for her to go out on disability … that's horrible I know! But it would usher in a whole new culture in the clinic.”

“I wish our manager actually took management classes and treated us professionally.”


“Our practice owner is holding the clinic back!!! Can we fire her? Everyone else rocks!”

“As a CSR you get the brunt of the client's anger, the doctor's anger and the techs' … Try managing all them at once and feel my pain … I deserve respect and I am important as well.”


“I am an RVT and I run five clinics. With my 14-hour days six to seven days a week, I'd like to hear “Good job” once … One year later … still nothing. P.S. I really only like cats and cows.”

“Thinking of quitting vet medicine. Too much politics/drama to put up with. I love my job without any people!”