Top 5 Articles for November 2017


Did you miss any important news last month? Check out our top 5 most popular articles from November.

During an interactive session, Dr. Kelly used material from several diagnostic pathology cases to illustrate how veterinarians can use this knowledge to apply deductive logic to interpret pathologic changes in diagnostic reasoning. You should always consider basic knowledge of the principles of disease during the diagnostic process.

4. New Jersey Animal Shelter Operating Without License Amid Repeated Violations

Even with it's laundry list of violations—including deplorable conditions, kennels in severe disrepair, and sick animals not receiving basic veterinary care—the Associated Humane Societies of Newark is still operating without a license.

According to Francisco A. Uzal, DVM, PhD, DACVP, professor of veterinary diagnostic pathology at the University of California, Davis, most clostridial diseases affect both humans and animals. Might Clostridium difficile infection have zoonotic potential?

The One Health discussion has grown louder and louder as more medical professionals gain a better grasp on the connection between humans, animals, and the environment. Have you taken the National Pet Health Survey yet?

1. Vaccine Update: AAHA Releases New Canine Guidelines

With almost twice the content of the previous version, the American Animal Hospital Association’s revised and updated Canine Vaccination Guidelines include important changes and new recommendations important for all practitioners.

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