Top 5 Articles for July 2018


Did you miss any important news last month? These were the 5 most popular articles from July.

5. Developing a Vaccine for Lyme Disease

In a webinar, Richard T. Marconi, PhD, talked about the technology his laboratory used to develop a new Lyme disease vaccine for dogs.

4. Code Green: The Risk From Toxic Household Plants

Ingesting certain plants can be deadly for dogs and cats. Here’s what you need to know to educate your clients and keep your patients safe.

3. AAFP Releases New Feline Anesthesia Guidelines

Feline patients that undergo anesthesia have a higher mortality rate compared with dogs and are also at a relatively greater risk of complications under anesthesia than many other species. For these reasons, the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has created the first feline-specific anesthesia guidelines.

2. Novel Cancer Vaccine Uses Animal's Own Tumor Cells

A team of veterinarians and immunologists are working diligently to distribute and promote a novel treatment: harnessing a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer through a personalized vaccine.

1. FDA Warns of Possible Link Between Grain-Free Dog Foods and Heart Disease

According to an FDA alert, dogs developing dilated cardiomyopathy that are not typically prone to the disease have 1 thing in common—they’ve been fed diets containing legumes, lentils, and potatoes as the main ingredients.

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