Top 5 Articles for April 2018


Did you miss any important news last month? Check out our top 5 most popular articles from April.

5. Heartworm: Where Are We Today?

Experts share their insight on why this disease is on the rise, whether resistance is a concern, and fresh approaches to prevention.

4. The Poison Potential of Succulents

With the popularity of succulents on the rise, it’s important to know which plants are safe and which may be poisonous to pets.

3. Huge Grant Awarded for Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine Clinical Trial

The University of Pennsylvania has just been awarded one of the largest single grants ever given by Morris Animal Foundation to conduct a clinical trial for a new canine osteosarcoma vaccine.

2. PRODUCT NEWS: Feline Heartworm Preventive Receives FDA Approval

Centragard, which prevents infection with heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms in cats and kittens, has just received FDA approval.

1. World Veterinary Day 2018: How Are You Celebrating?

On April 28, the global veterinary community will celebrate World Veterinary Day—highlighting important contributions of the veterinary profession.

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