Top 10 dog-friendly cities in America


Hit the road and have some fun. But instead of leaving your dog at home, check out one of these pooch-friendly destinations.

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Planning a vacation? Why not take the dog along? You'll find plenty of dog-friendly hotels and attractions in many of America's most-visited cities—and your pal will certainly appreciate you taking him along on your trip. So forget the pet sitter. Here are the 10 most dog-friendly vacation cities in the country, according to

10. Indianapolis, Ind.

Visit many historical sites, nature preserves, trails and parks with your dog. Many of the city's tourist sites are dog-friendly.

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9. New York, N.Y.

Some luxury hotels welcome dogs, and Central Park is ideal spot for a brisk walk. Romp in the off-leash dog parks throughout the city or even shop in famous stores with your dog.

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8. Alexandria/Washington D.C.

See the capital's sites, walk in charming Old Town, or take a dog cruise on the Potomac.

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7. Austin, Texas

Enjoy one of Austin's many dog-friendly parks and outdoor cafes, then visit the Zilker Gardens and view the Congress Street bats with your pal.

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6. Minneapolis, Minn.

Enjoy great hiking trails and parks and pet-friendly dining. You'll feel the city's pet-friendly vibe as you explore.

Photo courtesy of Meet Minneapolis

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5. Philadelphia, Penn.

Chomp down on a famous cheesesteak, then check out historic early American sites and stay in a luxury hotel downtown.

Photo by J. Smith for GPTMC

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4. Seattle, Wash.

Take public transportation with your leashed dog and check out the city's many pet-friendly venues.

Photo by Tim Thompson

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3. San Diego, Calif.

You'll find the country's best dog beaches and trails here, as well as several world-class pet-friendly shopping centers.

Photo by Troy Van Horn

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2. Chicago, Ill.

Visit the Navy Pier, dine in elegance, cruise on a pet-friendly tour boat or walk the city's many parks.

Photo © City of Chicago/GRC

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1. Portland, Ore.

Don't miss the famous and dog-friendly Rose Gardens, as well as the city's many dog-friendly parks and attractions.

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