Top 10 confessions from emergency veterinarians

September 26, 2016

Emergency vets confess their secrets at the 2016 International Veterinary Emergency and Critial Care Symposium.

The Vet Confessionals Project rolled through Dallas, Texas last month for the 2016 International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium to give attendees a chance to share their secrets.

Turns out ER and critical care veterinarians have a lot on their minds! Out of over a hundred submissions, we chose these 10 favorites.


"People say I'm unrealistic wanting to do critical care. *rides off on her unicorn*"


"After 15 years of ER work, I've learned more ways to creatively call people 'idiots' than any normal person should know."


"Reasons why I love overnight ER work:

1. I don't have to do bloodwork callbacks like my specialist/GP colleagues do for hours after their shifts-suckers!

2. I never see my boss

3. I get to wear PJs (scrubs) to work

4. I get to do all the fun stuff!"



"I'm a 2006 grad working a crazy ER schedule for 10 years. I really wish my DVM husband understood why I want to do an ECC residency at this point in my life, and stop acting like it's going to kill him.


Next up: "All my friends are getting married ..."



"All my friends are getting married and I'm just collecting letters! DACVECC or bust!"



"Sometimes I am secretly thankful when an owner declines surgery and euthanizes because I am too busy with other critical things ... am I horrible person?!?!"


"I had to move 30 minutes away from my ER clinic because too many people 'thanked' me for the euthanasias I performed, and I didn't remember them." :(


Next up: "I diagnosed a client's dog with a huge liver mass ..."




"I diagnosed a client's dog with a huge liver mass and transfer to surgery. Her dog unfortunately died and now she sends me threatening emails once a month ... My remorse has left after the harassment. Sucks!"


"Sometimes I'm afraid I'm the 'dumb' resident. Imposter syndrome is real!"


"When people ask me, 'What's your favorite kind of pet?' I reply, 'A sick one, injured, one requiring emergency and critical care!' Now ask me what's my favorite type of client." -Baby Boomer DVM