Top 10 articles for when its not an emergency


When it comes to articles and handouts on noninjury, nonillness veterinary content, veterinarians, managers and team members clicked on these items the most in 2018. Boost your practices wellness and preventive care with these

Most of your work in veterinary practice addresses injuries, illnesses and other medical problems. But what about the work you do to extend patients' lives with better behavior, better lifestyle and better preventive care?

These are the top 10 clinical and nonclinical items dvm360 users clicked on in 2018, starting the countdown with No. 10 …

Top 5 tips for teething puppies

Teething is a tricky time for pet owners. You can help veterinary clients by serving up these simple suggestions to keep puppies properly occupied-and out of the shoe closet!


10 veterinary dental products you can recommend with a smile

Veterinary dentist Dr. Jan Bellows compiled this list of food, treats and more that are proven effective in maintaining the health of pets' teeth.


Handle concerns about the price of heartworm prevention

Money makes the world go ‘round. It's also a large reason your veterinary clients won't buy the preventives their pets need. Here are some tips from the experts to explain the value to pet owners.


Client handout: Choose your own (Fear Free) adventure

For every FAS (fear, anxiety, stress) problem, there could be a solution in your exam room, in this handout and the book, or in a veterinary behaviorist's practice. Let's do this.


These tools were made for (dog) walkin'

A walk in the park should be just that for both the dog and the owner. Read up on these leash, harness and halter options so you'll be ready to help your veterinary clients find the finest fits for their canine companions.


Cat-tested food puzzles

She spent $82.97 on cat food puzzles. Here's what she learned.


Client handout: The secret to housetraining a puppy

Eliminate the stress of elimination for veterinary clients and their fur babies with this handout.


A low-stress handling algorithm: Key to happier visits and healthier pets

This tool will help you take measures now to make every visit a positive one for every pet, ensuring that when more serious issues arise, you can achieve an optimal outcome.


Dog in a box: Battle boredom with comfortable quiet time

Help dogs (and their owners!) survive confinement during treatment for heartworm disease.


Pet food facts-and fiction

Can't stomach the dizzying array of pet food trends, fads and marketing tactics inundating the market? Let's demystify some of the most common misconceptions so you can counsel your clients with confidence.

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