Top 10 articles to achieve peace of mind in veterinary practice


You dont have a lot of time, but every once in a while (and these moments are few and far between), you need to take a moment for yourself. Here are our top 10 articles to help you do just that.

On top of everything you do, we can understand why self-care might seem like a lot to ask. If these articles are any indication, though, personal wellness is on your mind. Whether you're looking for a quick wellness tip or a how-to on starting a new yoga or meditation practice, these articles have your back.

So kick back (for just a minute!) and discover which of these top 10 personal wellness articles works for you.

Multitask more efficiently with these meditation tips

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Research suggests that meditation helps people stay on task longer with fewer distractions, improves memory and reduces stress. And, really, who doesn't want all that?


Bark back at big life changes

Change sucks, especially big life changes. Fellow veterinary professional and Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Sarah Wooten, DVM, feels your pain. Plus, she has three tips to help.


Step into your fear

We'll say it, self-care can be scary. How do you begin? What will your peers think about you meditating? Fetch dvm360 conference yoga and meditation teacher Torry Chamberlayne, RVT, hears your hesitancy but knows firsthand how beneficial self-care can be.


A formula for self-care, for veterinary patients' sake ...

Whether we like to admit it or not, when you don't take the “me time” you need, compassion fatigue and burnout aren't far away. If you need some pointers, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Paula Plummer, LVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM), has a session you need to listen to.


Data: Self-care for a bad day in veterinary practice

Had a bad day? Sometimes it helps to read what your fellow veterinary professionals do when all does not seem right in the world. With this data, you can do just that.


What to do when your fire fizzles

Remember when veterinary medicine used to light your fire? Has that fire dimmed a little bit? Fetch dvm360 conference speakerOriana D. Scislowicz, BS, LVT, aPHR, is ready to get you out of your funk.


Are you aware of your level of self-care?

It's hard to start a new self-care regimen if you don't know where you stand mentally and physically. Maybe you feel fine and your self-care is all out of whack. Or it might be just the opposite. Assess where you're at.


Yoga in the vet clinic: Shoulder blade stretch 

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The veterinary profession and back pain seem to go hand-in-hand. Luckily, it only takes a minute to help relieve that tension, according to Fetch dvm360 conference yoga and meditation teacher Torry Chamberlayne, RVT.


Yoga in the vet clinic: A lower back stretch 

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OK, we stretched out your shoulder blades, but what about the rest of your back? Fetch dvm360 conference yoga and meditation teacher Torry Chamberlayne, RVT, demonstrates how to release tension in the lower back.


Burnout, compassion fatigue, depression-what's the difference? 


Not sure what black cloud is hanging over your head (or that of a colleague)? Here we examine the differences between burnout, compassion fatigue and depression.

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