Too much discounting going on? Time to run this report

June 1, 2018

Let your veterinary practice software sleuth out this possible money leak.

If you've authorized your doctors to make fee adjustments on the fly in the clinic, it may be worth tracking these changes. This is according to Fetch dvm360 conference speakers Mark Opperman, CVPM, and Shelia Grosdidier, RVT, whose session dvm360 Business Channel Director Brendan Howard attended in Virginia Beach.

Is your practice management software working for you?

Is your practice software asleep on the job?

The gold mine that is your practice management software.

Tip: Practice software cheat to a quicker check-out.

Opperman says that, even though you've entrusted your veterinarians to make judgment calls on charges, it's still essential to run a fee exception report in your practice management software. This is a function that simply provides an accounting of fees that have been changed in the system.

Following the transaction trail isn't about second-guessing every altered charge, Opperman says-you may well agree with many of the discounts. Still, he says, it's just good business to be aware of trends that may be affecting your practice's bottom line.

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