Today's Daily Dose: Esophageal leiomyoma


Identifying characteristics of esophageal leiomyoma.

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“Leiomyomas are benign tumors of smooth muscle origin arising in the gastrointestinal tract. The well-defined, round-to-ovoid masses are thinly encapsulated and expansile, usually with no ulceration of the overlying mucosa. Most (80%) arise intramurally from the muscularis propria (deep muscular layer), with a smaller percentage being pedunculated and arising from the muscularis mucosae. Esophageal leiomyomas are usually individual, slow-growing tumors, although multiple tumors can occur. In dogs, leiomyomas are most commonly found in the stomach at the gastroesophageal junction, and incidence increases with age.”

-Stephanie A. Lister, DVM, MSc, Kevin Isakow, BVSc, MVSc, DACVS

From A challenging case: Esophageal leiomyoma in a dog



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