Tip: How to remember your passwords


Complex passwords are your best protection, but they can be tricky to remember. Here's how.

Nothing more annoying than being required to change a password online, only to find out that it's not complex enough to be accepted-so you have to try another, and another, and ... you get the point. To make matters worse, the new password you've just set up is completely different from your 92 other passwords. Most banks and investment companies now demand more complex passwords, and they're right to do so.

Here's a tip from Lacher McDonald CPAs to help you remember your passwords as they get more complex: Go through your list of passwords and find the most complex one. This typically will include upper and lower case letters, a few numbers and a symbol or two. Reset all of your passwords to this new complex password. Setting all of your passwords to this level of security is safer for your online accounts and may even help you remember it.

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