Tiny technology: An imaging ally for the alimentary canal


One capsule, and you can explore your veterinary patients entire gastrointestinal system.

Right now, you can get a high-resolution, 360-degree view of your canine patient's entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and all it takes is getting the dog to swallow a capsule. This isn't future technology, folks!

You can view the fantastic voyage this capsule takes through your patient's GI tract. (Images courtesy of Infiniti Medical)

ALICAM, from Infiniti Medical, uses ambulatory light-based imaging (ALI) inside an 11-x-33-cm capsule. Once the capsule is administered, four cameras and LED lights activate within it to capture images all the way through the GI tract. This noninvasive approach helps you narrow down your differential diagnosis list for the clinical signs of reduced appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, food intolerance, abdominal pain, GI bleeding and more.

Dilated lacteals

A small intestinal nodule and ulcer

A gastric polyp

An ulcerated jejunal mass


While the capsule is traveling through your patient, there is no restriction of activity-the pet can be at home or in the clinic. And once the capsule is recovered (requires a quick search through those No. 2s), a team of board-certified veterinary specialists from Infiniti Medical will analyze the data for you and deliver a comprehensive report with detailed images and clinical recommendations for treatment. 

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