Tick talks in practice


We know talking about ticks all day, every day can suck the blooder, liferight out of you. Perhaps this data and some stories from your veterinary peers will have an idea or two worth latching onto.

What's your angle?

We asked a couple of our favorite veterinarians about their approach when it comes to talking to clients about ticks. We specifically wanted to know if any of the talks get a little … you know, gross (easy to do when your subject is a bloodsucking parasite).

“I have some large ticks preserved in formalin, but I typically only pull those out when talking with young kids. For clients, it's more of a discussion about potential exposure. Our technicians always ask where pets have been traveling to in our standard history (such as areas with high tick exposure like northern Michigan or the Carolinas). We have maps that show owners where there are higher incidences of tick-borne disease.”

-Andy Rollo, DVM

“While I do share extreme examples at times, a fair percentage of my clients are more holistic and appreciate a less-is-more approach. I present myself as an educated guide, sharing all the facts, statistics, and pros and cons to help owners understand the importance of tick prevention and the many types (including natural options) that work. I then let clients decide what's best for their pet considering their environment and lifestyle.”

-Lisa Aumiller, DVM

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