Three products for rehabilitation

August 15, 2018

From rehab in the veterinary clinic to getting pet owners started with their pets at home, here are some of our favorite products.

As veterinary professionals, you know how important rehabilitation is for taking a step in the right direction (pun intended). To get patients up and running, here are three products you can include in your rehabilitation process.

Photo courtesy of litecure.comLameness evaluation isn't lame

With Companion Animal Health's Stance Analyzer, you can better see how a patient is shifting his weight-letting you know which limb (or limbs) might be affected. With the help of a good patient history and technological magic, the Stance Analyzer averages percentage of weightbearing on each limb, while a history graph maintains patient data for each session. Though it's paws-on, the system is hands-off and can even take notes, print and save data to PDF for review.

Photo courtesy of fitpawsusa.comPeanuts for stability

The FitPAWS Peanut is designed for canine fitness and core conditioning. The peanut-shaped stability ball's shape limits its movement to front-to-back or side-to-side, and you can also adjust the balance-simply deflate the ball until it's not as firm. Formulated specifically with dogs in mind, the heavy-duty PVC material provides a nice grip and is resistant to puncture damage by canine nails.

Photo courtesy of balancedcanineproducts.comStart off on the right paw

Brought to you by Balanced Canine Products, the Rehab Starter Kit supplies a variety of instruments and toys to help with a pet's rehabilitation. Items include yoga mats, a rocker board, balance discs, peanut rolls, resistance bands, goniometers and more. When cost is a major factor in a client's rehabilitation regime, they can rest easy knowing that the two most important tools for this starter kit include their own two hands.