The problem with noncompete agreements


Paul Diaz, founder of Hire Power Consulting, explains how noncompete agreements can negatively affect well-being

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On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Paul Diaz, founder of Hire Power Consulting, discusses how noncompete agreements impact veterinary professionals. He explains his position that giving veterinarians more flexibility is a benefit to the industry as a whole.

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Paul Diaz: I haven't heard any good [reasons to have a noncompete clause in a contract]. The one that does come up consistently is, "Well, I don't want my veterinarian working for me, who I invested in, to open up shop next door and steal all my clients." And that has been just the consistent argument over and over and over. And here's the thing, you know, when I hear that I just, I have to keep myself from rolling my eyes.

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