The Brady Hunter Foundation partners with Global Strays for Spay & Neuter Program in Bogotá, Colombia


In honor of International Dog Day on August 26th, this addresses the pressing issue of stray animal overpopulation

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Bogotá, Colombia consists of a total of 1,775 square kilometerswith approximately 165 roaming animals per kilometer.1,2 To address this significant stray animal problem, The Brady Hunter Foundation has provided funds to cover 1,250 spay and neuter procedures over a 12-month period within the Global Strays Spay & Neuter program in Bogotá.3

"Our spay and neuter program was on pause due to a lack of funding, until we crossed paths with The Brady Hunter Foundation. Due to this partnership, we are able to restart our clinics in the poorest regions of Bogotá, Colombia where the need for dogs and cats is immeasurable,” said Liz Shafiroff, founder and president of Global Strays.3 “Our gratitude is best expressed in the happy faces of pet owners, and the wagging tails of dogs that will no longer be burdened by litters of puppies, the majority who end up on the streets as suffering strays.”

"On the brink of International Dog Day, we take immense pride in our collaboration with Global Strays and their Spay & Neuter Program. This initiative holds the potential to address the dire challenge of stray dog and cat overpopulation in a city where millions of strays roam," added Josh Fox, founder of The Brady Hunter Foundation.3 "Through this partnership, we are translating our dedication into tangible actions, striving for a better future for both animals and communities in Bogotá."

Global Strays' goal to combat stray animal overpopulation is in line with The Brady Hunter Foundation's values with its donation being used to revitalize clinics in Bogotá and offer co-branded collars to owned pets.3 Together, the organizations aim to foster a lasting impact in the lives of animals and communities in this city.


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