The 6 M formula for veterinary behavior problems

San Diego

In a dvm360® interview, San Diego Fetch faculty member, Dr Amy Pike, outlines a quick method to help guide you with any behavior patient

During a dvm360® interview, San Diego Fetch faculty member Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB, IAABC-CABC, Animal Behavior Wellness Center in Fairfax, Virginia, highlights a way to approach veterinary patients through the "6 M formula," which includes medical rule outs, management, mental enrichment, modification of behavior, medications & products, and monitor & modification of the treatment plan.

The following is a partial transcript of the video.

Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB, IAABC-CABC: [Medications] are only appropriate when there's an emotional underpinning, like fear, anxiety, or stress. And when we are unable to keep that animal under threshold to perform the behavior modification...and then the last one is really monitor and modify the plan because no plan is going to be perfect going out the door with the patient.

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