Techs confess: What's on your mind?

August 29, 2016

Veterinary technicians spill their secretscheck out their anonymous confessions about what makes vet tech life super-annoying, super-sad and (of course) totally awesome.

"Why do clients think that veterinarians do EVERYTHING? Even clean their dogs teeth! They (DVMs) are awesome but give some credit to the LVT at his or her side. We do stuff too! What an amazing career with very little recognition by pet owners."

"I'm a tech at a vet school. I often intentionally scare students by suddenly moving the head or paws of sedated patients and growling. I don't hide my laughter when they (always) jump."

"I'm overworked and underpaid. (But I love my job.)"



"I'm so burned out as a LVT. I want a new job but a LVT degree means nothing!"

"I love my job, but something I really wish our head tech would get over her black + white not gray mentality-or get out. Life is not about being rigid or perfect. It's about knowing when to bend and accepting that we are all human."


"Please stop fighting with cats for cephalic blood draws! Just use the enormous jugular veins they have! Sincerely, A vet tech"

"I want to be the technician everyone goes to because they know I'm the best."



"I burned out being a tech 15 years ago, yet here I am ... "

"I wish my fellow techs respected me more as a leader!"


"After 10 years of being a vet tech I became a human nurse. It feels like marrying for money. Naturally, I cheat and work as a vet tech on a volunteer basis."



"I love when I make a suggestion and then 5 minutes later the Dr. takes my suggestion and applies it as her own ... "

"CVT that works in general practice. I want my VTS and I want to do more with my degree. I don't know where to start and fear I'm not smart enough to further my career."

"The nicer the pet owner is to the nurse, the more love and cuddles your pet receives. Remember that."



"I HATE it when people with no formal education or credentials call themselves veterinary 'technicians.' They cannot call themselves the same as us CVTs, RVTs and LVTs ... that's fraud!"

"I'm still pretty devastated/depressed about losing my dog 2.5 years ago. It sucks because it affects me being an RVT. :( "

"I moved to another state and I'm living the dream at a feline rescue as the lead tech. I'm paying off my loans and doing well, but sometimes I want to leave it all behind and be a mom. My husband and I are prolonging out family by years in order to afford anything in life."


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