Tech student tip: Use your own pets to practice getting vitals


Remember the days when your dog ate your homework? Not anymore. This veterinary technician student uses her fur babies as practice for school.

Practice collecting vitals on your own pets to gain experience outside the classroom.(dtatiana/Adobe Stock)

I'm in a veterinary technician program, and here's a personal destresser I use, it also helps with extra practice: When lying around the house with my pets sleeping or calming down after playing, I will listen to their respiration and heart rates. It helps me get a better handle on what's normal to hear, and also get faster at as well as getting better at getting quicker and better calculations for a T.P.R. (temperature, pulse and respiration) calculations-all while relaxing at home and enjoying my fur babies and not the high stress of a classroom.

-Chelsey Morel-Bushnell is a veterinary technician student at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky.


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