Team training tool: Make a plan to help your practice (Sponsored by Nationwide)


Are you a team member with an entrepreneurial spirit? This flowchart and proposal worksheet will help you prepare to present an idea for a new project or improvements in your practice.

Employees who show up, do a good job, and care for patients and clients are good. Employees who do those things and actively search for ways to improve the practice are even better. What's more, these team members have the opportunity to increase their own revenue, all by increasing the practice's profitability.

Team members can start by stepping up to the plate with an entrepreneurial spirit. To show you understand how you can make a difference in your practice, prepare a plan that anticipates the questions the practice owner or manager will ask.

Use this two-page flowchart and proposal worksheet to prepare to present an idea for a new project or to suggest an improvement for an existing procedure. Once your initial idea is approved for consideration, then use the worksheet to map out the details and specific cost and impact of your idea. The better prepared you are to answer all of the questions that an owner or manager will have, the more likely you are to sell your idea to them. Plan the work, then work the plan!

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