Team members steer veterinarians in the right direction with this quick tip


Cheerful DIY exam room markers guide docs to their next appointment on busy days in the practice.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Ali Harris

Lucy Breckenridge, one of the veterinary assistants at our busy six-doctor practice, came up with a brilliant idea to help our veterinarians know where to go next on hectic, appointment-heavy days in the hospital. She made a series of fun exam room markers, one for each doctor and one that says, “In car.” If a technician or assistant has admitted a patient to an exam room and needs to move on to the next task, she hangs the doctor's designated marker on the door. When the doctor sees the marker, he or she knows that's the room to attend to next. If the client and patient are waiting in the car to avoid the stress of the waiting room, we add the “In car” tag. It works great!

Ali Harris, DVM

Milton Veterinary Hospital, Milton Vermont


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