Is team CE worth the money?


Always. Here's why the practice should invest in team member CE-with a script for approaching the boss about it.

Here's how to sell your boss on why she should send you—on her dime—to a CE opportunity outside the practice.

Get the details

Some conventions, like the CVC in Kansas City (, offer customizable packages. Get the times, dates, and costs for the sessions you want to attend and create an itemized list of expenses to show your boss.

Write a presentation

Before you approach your manager, brainstorm how the practice will benefit from your CE experience. For example, will you learn a new technique that will improve patient care or client service? If so, write it down.

Schedule a meeting

Don't just walk into your manager's office and request an on-the-spot meeting. You want to be sure you pick a time where you have his or her undivided attention. So ask your boss what time would be best to discuss your CE proposal.

Talk numbers

Open your meeting with, "I've been thinking about my role at the practice. I want to be able to make the practice more money." From there, share the measurable benefits you came up with along with your itemized expense list. Your notes should help your boss see that the pros outweigh the costs.

Wait for feedback

Don't be discouraged if your manager says she needs to think about it. Ask if you could schedule a time to revisit the idea. In the meantime, consider additional benefits you may have missed or compromises you could make.

Move to Plan B

If your boss ultimately declines your proposal, don't give up. Find out why the CE is a no-go so the next time you make a request it will be more within the realm of possibility.

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