Tamper-Evident Envelope


EPS announces the TampAlerT Security Envelope.

EPS announces the TampAlerT Security Envelope.

The 9-in. x 12-in. TampAlerT envelope was designed to provide maximum tamper-evidence and tracking accountability for important documents, valuable patient property, confidential reports, specimens and medical records.

It's ideal for whenever you need immediate visual indication of tampering for easily transported material.

TampAlerT envelopes contain a strong closure adhesive. Once sealed, the envelopes can only be opened by cutting them. Constructed from a triple-layer extruded film, TampAlerT envelopes will immediately show visible distortion following any attempt to open them.

The detachable, serially numbered, receipt stub carries a unique coded number, which is also imprinted on the body of the envelope.

TampAlerT envelopes are available in packs of 100 envelopes with quantity pricing on five packs.

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