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Columbus, Ohio - Knowing and promoting your assets is key to planning a career, experts say.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Knowing and promoting your assets is key to planning a career, experts say.

Self-marketing is important to acquiring a job and requires new and future graduates to list their abilities and determine the best ways to promote them, says Dr. Jean Sander, The Ohio State University dean of student affairs.

"Knowing how to market your abilities is a different way to look at preparation," she says. "I tell students this is what you need to do to be the best veterinarian, and prospective employers will recognize and appreciate the effort, too."

Students often get caught up in how many hours they need, grades and internships, forgetting the final touches that complete the package, experts say.

"When students are in veterinary school, all they can think about is what they have to do," says Stephanie Johnson, a Louisiana State University guidance counselor. "They try to balance studying, internships and some kind of personal life, and preparing the communication skills that will help them in practice is sometimes forgotten."

When students prioritize, Johnson says, they consider what they must do to make it through school. Thinking about client communication often is secondary, she says.

"If a student can place on a resume things he or she has done to demonstrate communication skills, they can have leverage over other applicants for entry-level positions," Sander adds.

It's also wise to allow for personal time, Johnson says. "A well-rested and healthy presentation to an employer is also important to make a good impression."

Another way to self-market is to make a needs improvement list. Sander says: "Try to improve weaknesses before job hunting. When considering positions of interest, think about your strengths and how they match with the job you want. Being able to point this out to a potential employer is priceless."

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