Tackling veterinary student debt: 1-hour webinar

October 22, 2018

Get an hour of CE credit as you explore learn the first steps to curbing debts control over your life so it doesnt curb your enthusiasm for this amazing profession.

At dvm360.com, we're setting out to tackle the top obstacles facing veterinary professionals and their patients. How? Through the dvm360 Leadership Challenge series.

In this installment, Curb Your Debt, we take a hard look at the issue of the debt load of veterinary professionals. Like other Americans, veterinary professionals are being saddled with the ballooning cost of education. But when these newly minted veterinarians and veterinary team members land their first jobs, the pay simply doesn't add up and can damage more than their financial well-being.

Join as we explore the realities of student debt as well as various professional and personal options that could help restrain the stresses and limitations it brings. Our ultimate goal: to curb debt's control over your life so it doesn't curb your enthusiasm for this amazing profession.

Lazenby and BrinkerThis presentation from financial professionals David Lazenby, PhD, and Stephen Brinker, MBA, will help veterinary professionals better understand their current student loans and explore strategies to pay off that debt. The goal is to address the stress and financial confusion surrounding this topic. After completing this webinar, you should feel confident to take the first steps to tackle your school loans.

Get 1 hour of CE, stop running from your debt, and start taking charge right here ...