Table 1: Signs of hemorrhagic calicivirus


Signs of hemorrhagic calicivirus

Table 1

Signs of hemorrhagic calicivirus

* High fever

* Facial and limb edema

* Ulceration, crusting and focal hair loss, especially on theface, muzzle and pinnae.

* Icterus

* Pancreatitis

* Dyspnea, DIC and death in severe cases.

* Death may occur in some cats with minimal preceding signs.

* Findings on blood chemistry panel may include hyperbilirubinemia,hyperglucosemia and increased CK.

* Other signs seen with more typical feline URI may also occur,including nasal and ocular discharge, oral ulceration, anorexia and depression.Unless accompanied by the signs described, cats showing these typical URIsigns should not be considered suspect cases.

Source: Center for Companion Health, University of California-Davis

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