'Sup with your supplement game?

June 24, 2016
Ernest E. Ward Jr., DVM
Ernest E. Ward Jr., DVM

Veterinary Economics

Some DVMs are weak on supplements, with pet owners doing their own questionable research and dosing and feeding their pets accordingly for such conditions as cancer, osteoarthritis and kidney disease. It's high time for you to dig into the science, says Dr. Ernie Ward, and see how they can help with pets' chronic conditions.

"If you're a veterinarian struggling with [your patients'] chronic conditions-cancer, osteoarthritis, kidney disease-start to educate yourself," says Ernie Ward, DVM.

Ward's journey began 15 years ago and transformed the way he thinks today about pet nutrition and veterinary medicine.

"I really became frustrated with managing chronic disease and conditions in veterinary practice," Ward says. Through his own research, he figured out that "many of these supplements are important."

"[Today's] veterinarians need to understand the science and applications of these products," he says, "and actually use them."

See more from Dr. Ward on nutritional supplements in the video below. And after your own educational journey starts, start educating clients with a handout like this.