Successful anesthesia takes the whole team


All veterinary team members play a role in providing patients safe anethetic experiences.

Receptionists, make sure that:

  • Surgeries are scheduled with the proper time allotted

  • The client is called before surgery with a reminder to withhold food

  • Clients sign proper documentation that contains correct contact information just in case the doctor has questions or there is an emergency.

Kennel attendants, make sure to:

  • Ensure food is withheld before the procedure

  • Provide comfortable, clean bedding for the recovering patient

  • Watch the patient and ensure that postoperative vitals are being checked regularly either by you or other staff members and that the patient remains comfortable.

Whoever takes the patient's history, make sure the history includes:

  • Medications the patient is receiving and when they were last given

  • Past health problems

  • A note that food was withheld.

Credentialed veterinary technician anesthetists, make sure to:

  • Look at the patient and read its file

  • Ask any questions or raise concerns before the patient is anesthetized

  • Have a clear understanding of all medications the patient is receiving.

Veterinarians, make sure to:

  • Discuss the case with your staff

  • Write clear preoperative, perioperative, and postoperative orders

  • Dose medications carefully and choose the proper drugs

  • Communicate with pet owners about what they can expect.

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