Stop filling out records at night!


If it's 9pm and the veterinarian is filling out medical recordsand you're not working the emergency-practice swing shift. Dr. Ernie Ward guarantees your veternarians are underutilizing assistants and technicians in the exam room.

"When I'm done with an exam, I'm done with an exam," Ernie Ward, DVM, emphasizes in this video on one of his favorite hacks for the exam room.

What's he doing? Leveraging his veterinary assistant or veterinary technician to fill out medical records during an exam while he "reinforces the message" of the physical exam with the client.

Learn how he does it in the video below. Doctors, try it. Technicians, needle your doctors to try it. Managers, present the idea at your next management meeting. You can also come see Dr. Ernie Ward Sunday, Aug. 28, in his session "5 physical exam room hacks for better accuracy and client talk" at CVC Kansas City. And click here for a link to other super-short veterinary video hacks for team communication, pharmacology, patient care, rehab and anesthesia.

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