Standard Process debuts Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit


Supplements help enhance nutrition for young dogs and cats

Photo courtesy of Standard Process.

Photo courtesy of Standard Process.

Standard Process, a whole food-based nutritional supplement company based in Wisconsin, has extended its Standard Process Veterinary Formulas line by releasing the Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit. The Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit include hand-selected supplements trusted by healthcare professionals to help veterinarians and pet parents improve nutrition for young dogs and cats.

“For puppies and kittens, the early days are a critical development time,” said Jody Griffiths, CVT, veterinary support technician at Standard Process. “This is our 20th year of helping veterinarians support their patients, so we know the importance of building a strong nutritional foundation.”

In addition to a free gift, the Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit feature animal-specific versions of 2 Standard Process products that were made to deliver complex nutrients that might not be sufficiently consumed through an average diet by itself1:

  • Canine/Feline Whole Body Support: supports daily maintenance of all body systems, with a focus on a healthy endocrine system
  • Canine/Feline Immune System Support: supports optimal function of a pet’s immune system

A pet’s nutritional needs alter based on age, activity level, and health status, however, the products contained in the Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit are created with human-quality ingredients. They were created to provide vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and phytonutrients in forms close as possible to the way nature intended so pets can have a lifetime of optimal health.1

“When it comes to supporting ideal nutrition, the Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit are great starting points,” Griffiths shared. “When pets get a little bigger, we have a complete line of pet products standing by to support them.”


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