Spot and Purina partner to promote overall pet well-being


Discount through strategic partnership enables pets to receive nutrition they need and customizable insurance coverage options

Spot Pet Insurance and Purina have teamed up to offer eligible Purina subscribers a strategic partner Spot discount of up to 10% and a 10% multi-pet discount on all additional pets.

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"We are thrilled to partner with Purina, a company that fuels beloved pets as they get their zoomies out, bark at squirrels or simply enjoy cuddle time," expressed Spot CEO Trey Ferro. "This partnership will help pets lead fuller lives,” in a company release.1

"Proper pet nutrition with the help of Purina, and the help finding peace of mind that comes with a Spot plan are priceless," continues Ferro. "Together with Purina, we're excited to create and nurture communities of healthier pet families. The pet insurance plan options that Spot offers can help families focus on care, not cost."

Vice president of new business models at Purina, Nathan Marafioti, added how working with Spot allows Purina to help pet parents offer the highest quality care to their pets and allows them to receive the necessary veterinary care.1

*The Strategic partner discount is not available in FL, HI, MN, TN, WA, VA, and PA. The Strategic partner discount is 5% in LA, NE, ND, and TX.


Spot and Purina have teamed up to nourish pets and support their health. News release. Spot Pet Insurance. October 4, 2022. Accessed October 5, 2022.

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