Sorry Charlie, that's NOT for you!


A cool kitchen gadget that's all about the cats (OK, dogs too).

Sorry Charlie! (Images courtesy of SureFlap)

Your cat clients likely have more than one pet, whether of the feline or canine persuasion. And those pets likely have very different health or weight issues. When your clients ask for advice about the best way to make sure each pet is getting the nutrition it should, rather than delving in a sibling's slice, consider this innovative gadget.

The device-the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder from SureFlap-is a food bowl with a lid that automatically slides open only when the right pet is close by. Thus, curious dogs-even children-are denied access to a pet's special diet. Case closed.

The feeder can, of course, be used to feed dogs as well. The bowl will either recognize a previously placed microchip in a pet or a radio-frequency identification chip embedded in a collar tag that comes with the feeder.

The time delay on the lid closure can be adjusted for more cautious pets (slower) or pets that live with particularly greedy brothers and sisters (faster). And there are different-colored mats and bowls for households needing more than one feeder.

The right food. The right amount. Just the right thing for your clients?

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