Skip the sticker shockknow your figures up front

February 9, 2017
C. Scott Learned, MS, MBA, PE
C. Scott Learned, MS, MBA, PE

C. Scott Learned, MS, MBA, PE, is president of Design Learned, which specializes in engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, noise control, and fire-protection exclusively for animal-care facilities. Learned is a board-certified mechanical engineer and electrical engineer.

Does it sound too cheap? It might be, so ask.

A construction project can mean big bucks and it's not the type of venture in which one welcomes surprises. But CVC educator C. Scott Learned, MS, MBA, PE, says sometimes owners can be misguided as to the "cost to achieve the level of building quality and animal safety that they believe they're getting." He recommends getting the most realistic monetary picture from the start and dialing the project in from there. Watch the video for more.